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“Above all, I would like to give thanks and praise to Almighty God for his love and guidance throughout my life. I am indeed blessed with much spiritual blessings.”

The above quote is taken from the acknowledgements of Audrey’s published work, “PRAISE, WORSHIP AND THANKSGIVING - GIVING GOD WHAT HE DESERVES” but could well summarise her attitude to life.

A deeply spiritual woman, Audrey C. A. Eccleston holds a BSc in chemistry, a PGCE, an MA (PCET) and a diploma in theology and ministry from the Word of Life Theological College. She lives in London and is an evangelist at the Assemblies of the First Born Church. She is currently a member of the Morley Gospel Choir.

Married to the late Rev Basil Keith Eccleston at the Assemblies of the First Born Church (Harlesden), she spent her formative years in the Church of God World Wide Mission (International) and acknowledges a debt of gratitude to both these congregations and her family for their support and encouragement over the years.

PR A I S E , WO R S H I P , A N D TH A N K S G I V I N G

Giving God What He Deserves

Audrey C. A. Eccleston BSc  PGCE MA (PCET)

New book helps guide readers toward true worship

In “Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving: Giving God What He Deserves” (published by iUniverse), author Audrey C. A. Eccleston’s new religious book, readers learn how to properly engage in worshipping God.

“When a Christian believer’s praise turns into worship, a great power is unleashed,” says Eccleston.

“Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving” seeks to inspire readers to become worshippers in order to understand a power they have not yet felt as just believers. Eccleston takes readers back to the Old Testament and shows them how worship was used as a weapon to combat evil. She also explains how worship, when used in this manner, brought about the awesome presence of God, which lead to a sure victory to the believers.

She then illustrates the steps that can be taken to become a true worshipper, offering readers a correct way to praise and worship. Readers are also instructed in the whys, hows, and when to praise and worship God. With each step, Eccleston uses Scripture to back her claims, while proving that praise and worship are two different concepts. “‘Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving’ presents a vital manual on worshipping to provide a full-scale ‘how to’ course in all of the essentials,” says the author.

An excerpt from the book:

“When we use our body parts to express what we feel, this is indicative of how we respond to God’s transforming power; demonstrating that our worship is alive. ‘We have been touched and we’ve responded to God’s transforming power’ as we enter the glory of his presence.”

“Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving”

By Audrey C. A. Eccleston

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 62 pages | ISBN 9781475970852

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 62 pages | ISBN 9781475970807

E-Book | 62 pages | ISBN 9781475970845

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