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Audrey Eccleston has a heart for ministry to God’s people and service to the Lord.  To that end she has sought to produce books and resources which will bring honour to the Lord God and be of practical help to believers.

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When a Christian believer's praise turns into worship, a great power is unleashed. Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving seeks to inspire you to become a worshipper in order to understand that power.

Author Audrey Eccleston shows how praise and worship were used as a weapon by the children of Israel in the Old Testament, under the leadership of Jehoshaphat, Daniel, and Joshua. She further explains that whenever praise and worship were used in this manner in Bible times, the awesome presence of God always brought sure victory to God's people.

Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving illustrates the steps you can take to become a worshipper. While fully describing what praise and worship are to Christians, Eccleston also offers guidance on why, how, and when to praise and worship God. She provides powerful truths from the Scripture for use by those who have faith in God and observations on the differences among praise and worship; the theory and practice of praise; and the theory and practice of worship and thanksgiving.

Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving presents a vital manual on worshipping to provide a full-scale "how to" course in all of the essentials.

Publication Date: April 22, 2013

Audrey says, “In 2009, I was asked to be the Praise & Worship Co-ordinator for the AFB Convention held in London, Battersea. In 2010, I was asked to be the Administrator for the School of Worship at the New Testament Church of God (Brixton) and in 2011, I was asked to present a 3 hour Seminar to the Women’s Convention at AFB (Derby) on Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving, by the President, Evangelist Margaret Seaton. Finally in 2012, I was able to complete my dissertation on this very topic, despite the passing of my dear husband. I have a reason to give God the Glory.”

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever’ Psalm 136:1



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